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         A First Step Toward Change...

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                NBCS A First Step Towards Change...

New Beginnings Counseling Service is a comfortable setting for clients seeking the first step toward change.  

NBCS is a Mother-Daughter private practice designed to provide individualized service.  NBCS has been developed for the purpose of treatment, education, support, and personal development.  

Our commitment is to the client with a quick and effective response to meet their needs and services.  

If you are struggling, if you are unhappy, if your relationships are not successful, it is our hope to give you the resources and skills that can change all of that.
Lalith M. Tissera MD
regarding: Judith Fox, LICSW
"I have known Ms. Fox for several years and we share may mutual patients. She applies sound judgment and exercises excellent clinical skills when working with her patients. A concerned individual who works continuously to improve her patient's well being she communicates frequently with all providers to assure the best treatment goals possible."
Beverly A. Anderson, MS,RN,CS/APRN-BC
regarding: Debra Gansenberg, LICSW 
"I have known Debra for several years in a professional capacity."

"Ms. Gansenberg is a mature competent clinician who works well independently.  She is skilled in diagnosis and deeply experienced in the treatment of many populations" 

Woburn Pediatric Associates- Richard d"Entremont, MD North Andover Pediatric Associates
regarding: NBCS
"We at Woburn Pediatric Associates would welcome the addition of NBCS for our patients... in need of counseling."


Mirna I. Aeschlimann, M.D., F.A.A.P. Pediatrics, Inc. Stoneham, MA
regarding: NBCS
"Pediatrics Incorporated has been referring children suffering from the effects of illnesses, such as: anxiety, depression, PDD/autism, and behavioral disorders due to divorce, separation, death or loss of a loved one, to the New Beginnings Counseling Service for many years."


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